Second Certificate of Advanced Studies in Regenerative Systems

The new Certificate of Advanced Studies “CAS ETH in Regenerative Systems: Beyond Systems Thinking” is now launching.

Deep-dive into complexity

This CAS is the second out of a series of three CAS, leading to the MAS Master of Advanced Studies ETH in Regenerative Systems. The CAS’ build upon each other but can be taken in isolation and in different order. Each CAS’ theoretical and language base is the respective MOOC#1-3.

In this CAS, we deep-dive into complexity and develop a critical understanding of systems. We learn what systems thinking entails, and how it can become a helpful habit. For example, the view from above contains techniques to deal with complexity, to zoom out of a system to zoom in on what matters most.

Living systems, non-linearity, emergence, interbeing – we gain compelling insights from various experts and relate the learning to real-world social-ecological challenges. The field design trip will take us to exciting real-world practice, and through physical embodiment we connect with place and our inner self.

We learn basics of social network analysis and how to measure and interpret structures in networks, to apply such for transformative resilience.

Inner resilience and development are part of our joint learning journey: how to enact uncertainty?

We acquire an applicable toolset such as through an extended look into circularity, from a circular economy to five types of circular flows. We learn about systemic intervention and innovation, how to nudge complex systems to transform, and with what “tools” this may be possible.

Field design trip to Norway

After a course warm-up with the first three modules’ live conversations with invited experts, and the initiation of each participants’ personal QUEST project as learning navigation spine, we embark on the physical core of the CAS – the in-person field design trip. The whole CAS cohort – maximum size 20 participants – meets for a one-week real-world immersion trip to Norway, the land of the midnight sun, from sea level via fjords to the mountains.

Application period: 11.03.- 07.04.2024
Start: May 6th, 2024
Duration: 5 months part-time, with virtual teaching May-August ’24 and a final CAS deliverable at the end of September. Individual summer vacation weeks can be combined with the flexible program schedule.
Credit points: 12 ECTS. Field design trip: 08.06.–16.06.2024

Further details here.

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