MOOC: Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems

A first MOOC trailer with a focus on the illustrative real-world case Mallorca (MOOC #4)

The new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) series entitled “Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems” is featuring a new virtual-real didactic concept, where local physical social outdoor action is stimulated and incubated by virtual means. Starting in spring 2022 on EdX.

  • MOOC 1 – Worldviews – from Sustainability to Regeneration (9.5.-19.6.22)
  • MOOC 2 – Beyond Systems Thinking (14.11.-29.1.23)
  • MOOC 3 – Systemic Design (April-March ’23)
  • MOOC 4 – Real world Transformative Design Praxis (June-July ’23)

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