Updated DRRS MOOC 2: Beyond Systems Thinking

MOOC 2 Trailer

The 2nd iteration of MOOC#2 entitled “Beyond Systems Thinking” has re-started end of February ’24 on the EdX platform with the six main modules being released one by one.

In this MOOC we develop a critical understanding of what systems thinking entails and how it can become a helpful habit. We learn about living systems concepts of evolutionary biology, and how we as humans are entangled as part of living systems. The view from above contains techniques to deal with complexity, to zoom out of a system to zoom in on what matters most. We learn the basics of social network analysis and how to measure and interpret structures in networks, such as for resilience. We acquire an applicable toolset i.e. on the transformative potential of outer and inner resilience, which leads over to an extended look into circularity, from a circular economy to five types of circular flows. Finally, we learn about systemic innovation, how to nudge complex systems to transform, and with what tools this may be possible.


  • 1. (Critical) Systems Thinking: Develop a critical understanding of systems thinking.
  • 2. Living Systems: How concepts such as emergence and non-linearity in evolutionary biology relate with social complexities.
  • 3. Resilience: How to design for systemic transformation – inner and outer resilience.
  • 4. (Social) Networks: Methods to identify leverage to engage people and communities.
  • 5. Circularity: Designing circular flows across systems scales.
  • 6. Systemic Innovation: How to intervene in complex systems.
  • 7. Synthesis

This MOOC is student-paced and can be started and finished at any time in the learner’s rhythm. This virtual MOOC is supported by the DRRS community on Mighty Networks with live support and learning groups. Participation in the MOOC and the DRRS community is cost-free.

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